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KSL is not just about TV, videos and news. You may miss what its website can offer. Here you can find coupons and discounts from local businesses, post ads to sell goods or offer services, jobs, buy or sell cars, homes… KSL Classifieds is virtually a site satisfying needs of all walks of life and serving the State by pulling together residents of Utah.

Having trouble locate your items? Enter keyword, zip, miles, price and seller into the boxes above the classifieds to refine your results on  (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site)

You Can Get What You Want Instructions
Classifieds are time-saving and energy-efficient work contributed by people doing business in various fields. Whether the goods are brand new or second-handed, they are what you want and you can compare prices and performances online and even go and check goods by yourself. Contrary to online shopping, it’s less risky. Utah citizens can take advantage of these classifieds and lead an easier life. Yes, you can get what you want in an easier way.

KSL Classifieds categorize ads into announcements, general, appliances, auto parts and accessories, home and garden, baby, books and media, homes, clothing and apparel, industrial, computers, other real estate, electronics, outdoors and sporting, pets and livestock, hunting and fishing, for trade or barter, recreational vehicles, free items and pets, furniture, toys, and services. Each category clearly lists items available and the number of ads of each item.

If you want to buy something, say a dishwasher, click Dishwashers under Appliances. You get a list of dishwashers available in or around the state. To narrow your search, go to the left column and choose price, state, seller type, as type, status or enter your zip code. When you find what’s in your mind, click it for details and contact the seller by phone or email posted on the item’s page.

Should you want to place an ad in Classifieds, first log in to the site or create an account and go to the section where you want to post the ad and choose Post an Ad to this section link.

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