www.pinger.com/textfree Offers You Free Calls

You have a friend aboard and you want to talk to him, but the expense of international call is high. No worry, Pinger can help you. With Pinger, you can text and talk free with people you care about most, anywhere on the planet. Free Of Charge.

Pinger Text And Talk Free Instructions
If you want to text your friend aboard, you can use Pinger. It offers unlimited texting to any phone in more than 35 countries, you can receive unlimited free voice calls and earn minutes for free outbound calls. Your friends don’t need Textfree to get your messages. All you need to do is to set up an account.

  1. Visit www.pinger.com/textfree (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the official page), click ‘Create Account’
  2. Enter your Username, Password, Email and Security Code
  3. Enter your zip code, choose your gender and age to find numbers in your area, click find
  4. Choose your Textfree number, choose wisely, you can’t change it later
  5. Click ‘+’ on the top left side to send message, enter the phone number you want to text
  6. Your message will not be sent before your account is verified, click ‘Verity Your Account’
  7. Register a mobile or landline number to continue texting, when you get call from Pinger, answer and press “1”. You can’t use your Pinger number.


Reference Link

  1. Pinger Textfree Official Webpage – www.pinger.com/textfree
  2. Pinger on Facebook – www.facebook.com/pinger
  3. Pinger on Twitter – twitter.com/pinger
  4. Pinger’s Blog – blog.pinger.com