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How do we change the traditional “standardized assessments” of the performance of the students? How do we focus on individual student needs and do better in teaching according to ability?  (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the target page) can help both the teachers and students to save more hours and hours of work. It provides accurate student placement, diagnosis of instructional needs including instructional adjustments, and measurement of student gains across reporting periods.

Performance Series Instructions
Performance Series from Scantron is a computer-adaptive test that enables you to quickly pinpoint the proficiency level of your students, across a range of subjects, that correspond with the specific standards of your state. Its assessment solution helps educators meet accountability requirements and raise the level of student achievement through a unique combination of standards-based district-wide assessment and computer-adaptive diagnostic testing.

  • Performance Series provides students with tests custom-tailored to their proficiency in subjects of reading, math, language arts, and life science.
  • The online test adjusts automatically to each student’s ability level, generating more difficult questions if the student is answering correctly and easier ones if the student is answering incorrectly.
  • Students do not spend unnecessary time on test items that are much too difficult or too simple, leading to less time testing and more time learning.
  • The result is a valid and reliable “scaled score” that can be used to measure academic growth just as a yardstick is used to measure a child’s growth in height.

Students can log in with a site ID of their school. From the site, they can get technical support, go to achievement series, start network diagnostics and download restricted mode online test.

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