Upgrade Your Comcast XFINITY Internet Cable Modem For Free at www.comcast.com/deviceupgrade

If you are a Comcast XFINITY Internet customer and have received a letter or notification from Comcast telling you to replace your present cable modem at no charge, but you have no idea what to do, this is the right place for you. Now, get ready your Comcast account number found in the notice you have received, email address as well as phone number and follow the steps below to easily and quickly make it.

Upgrade Your Comcast XFINITY Internet Cable Modem For Free Guide

The Comcast cable modem is a necessity for you to connect to the XFINITY Internet. But with your old cable modem, you can’t access the high speed Internet program and other benefits offered by Comcast. So, it is time for you to upgrade your current device and enjoy new services at no additional charge. The application is simple as well as fast and all you need to do is a few steps within two minutes:

  1. Visit www.comcast.com/deviceupgrade (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly), sign in with your Comcast account to be redirected to the device upgrade page, and read the brief descriptions given.
  2. Orderly input your personal details including Comcast the account number found in the letter or notification you have received, your name, address, zip code, email address, phone number and the letter ref ID.
  3. Click the button marked “Submit” to complete your upgrade application and you will receive a new modem within 4 or 6 weeks. Alternatively, you can apply for one by phone but the ordering processing fee will be applied.
  4. When you get your new cable modem, you can easily install it by yourself through referring to the self-installation kit offered with the new modem. Or you can have your device installed with the help of Comcast personnel but you need to pay for the service fee.
  5. Upon completion of the installation, you need to return your old modem to Comcast within 30 days, otherwise a fee will be charged.

Now, take action and get closer to your new cable modem at www.comcast.com/deviceupgrade.

Reference Links

  1. Comcast Official Site – www.comcast.com
  2. Comcast XFINITY Device Upgrade Page – www.comcast.com/deviceupgrade
  3. My XFINITY Official Site – http://my.xfinity.com/?cid=dotcom_topnav_myxfn