Two Ways to Deal with PhotoNotice Issues

As a car owner, you may already have received citations from PhotoNotice (Visit it’s home page by clicking Reference Link 1 below), a private company cooperating with some local governments by capturing driving violation images and sending out tickets. It can be troublesome. Well, here we provide you with two ways to deal with this ticket issue. You can adopt either of them.

Essential Notes About PhotoNotice

  1. All information about the ticket can be found on your printed citation
  2. All the text boxes on the site are not case sensitive
  3. Failure to pay the ticket will bring you bigger trouble
  4. You can view your violation video online
  5. You still have to deal with the problem even if you are not the driver of the vehicle
  6. The citation is deemed unconstitutional by some people

Pay PhotoNotice Tickets Online Step by Step Guide

  1. Pay a visit to PhotoNotice Home Page (See Reference Link 1 below).
  2. Enter the citation number and city code where the violation took place into the corresponding blank space.
  3. Click the “Next” button to continue your paying process, which can be completed in a few minutes online.

If you have any question about the fine, you can visit PhotoNotice FAQ Page (See Reference Link 2 below). Or you can just call 18778472338 to get answers.

Schedule Hearings Against PhotoNotice Tickets Step by Step Guide

Since a PhotoNotice video can’t prove you are guilty directly, you can set a hearing against the tickets according to the law, which can be realized even without lawyers.

  1. Find out the option to schedule a hearing in the letter PhotoNotice sent to you, make use of it to set a hearing for your ticket.
  2. If the court fails to schedule a hearing for you within 90 days of the violation, your citation will be dismissed automatically.
  3. Show up in your hearing and make reasonable arguments on whether the video or image is accurate enough, it’s very possible that your case will be dismissed under such arguments.

However, if you were caught running the Red Light, you’d better pay the ticket online, in which condition the second way won’t help a lot.

Reference Links

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