Trading in Your Stuff to Get Gift Card at

Best Buy trade-in program homepage gives you a variety of ways to receive a Best Buy gift card (or a check for a lesser value) for used video games, musical instruments and other gently used electronics. You can participate online or through any participating Best Buy location near you.

Best Buy Trade-in Program Guide
The trade in value of your electronics is based on several factors including its  age, condition, included accessories and current resale prices. If your item has no Trade-In value, Best Buy will recycle it for free. There are 3 steps to get your Best Buy gift cards:

  1. Visit a store or use the value estimator to evaluate how much your device values by clicking on the your product on (Click the link in the Reference Links at the bottom of the page to visit the site directly).
  2. Locate a participating store and bring your product in. You can also complete your transaction online. Trade in online allows a wider variety of items for transaction but you have to wait a week or two to get your gift card, while trade in at a store allows you to get a Best Buy gift card upon acceptance.
  3. Get a Best Buy gift card for the value of your device. Now Samsung trade-in offer and iPad trade-in offer are featured on the Best Buy Trade-in Page. You can use your gift cards instantly to purchase a new mobile phone or a new iPad with good offers.

Best Buy Trade-in program also has some clarifications about the products purchased at Best Buy (Video games, iPod, Zunes, laptops, and mobile phones can be taken to any Best Buy Store where, if you don’t have your receipt, they will be retrieved to complete the trade-in, or you can use online program.) and not purchased from Best Buy (Video games can be traded-in at almost any Best Buy store or online, assuming the video game meets program requirements. Mobile phones, iPods. Zunes, and laptops can be taken to many Best Buy stores for immediate trade-in, subject to program rules and restrictions). Read them before claiming online.

If you add Trade-In Plus when you buy your contract mobile phone at a Best Buy store, you can receive a gift card worth its trade-in value plus an additional $50 when you’re ready to upgrade.

You can get help with your trade in by calling toll free 1-888-602-6963.

Learn more about the program or claim your items at

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