Terms and Conditions You Need to Know on www.us.hsbc.com/activate

HSBC provides online services for you.  On June 22, the New Enhanced Communication Disclosure (EDC) was updated to be more comprehensive and relevant to HSBC’s  online banking service. You should be fully aware of the changes before you register or activate your cards and other HSBC online products. Visit www.us.hsbc.com/activate (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) to start activation or registration process and be notified of changes in services.

 New Enhanced Communication Disclosure

  • Legal rights. Certain laws and provisions requires HSBC provide specific information in writing. Due to the online account service, HSBC need obtain your consent to get them through E-edition. And it applies to all your account members.
  • Types of communications you will receive. You may choose to only get the E-edition format and should properly understand the types of information you will get, e.g. disclosures and updates, periodic/annual/monthly statements, any notice regarding an account, product or services.
  • Hardware and software requirements. No special requirements, you just need a computer or mobile device and  Internet connection. You may refer to the reference links to know more about personal internet banking and mobile services.

Guide to Open an Online Account of HSBC

  1. Visit www.us.hsbc.com/activate.
  2. Click the red button “Continue With Registration ” in the middle.
  3. Read EDC and Terms and Conditions, then tick “I have read and agree to this”. Click “Continue” button.
  4. Enter registration ID, password, Email address and phone number. Then click “Continue”.
  5. Log in and set security questions.
  6. Confirmation.

At the bottom of the page are Customer Service and map of HSBC branches. If you encounter any questions or problems during the activation or registration process, contact HSBC service center, or call Customer Relationship Center at 1.800.975. HSBC (1.800.975.4722). Or you may choose to find the nearest HSBC branch and get services in person.

Reference Links

  1. HSBC Activation Official Webpage – www.us.hsbc.com/activate
  2. HSBC Mobile Banking FAQs
  3. HSBC Internet Banking FAQs
  4. HSBC Personal Banking