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If you have problems with your Verizon wireless phone or need to replace it, PhoneClaim Verizon online is the place you should go. It is easy, convenient and fast to file a mobile phone claim for your lost, stolen or damaged phone online at Verizon Wireless customers phone claim page. All you need to do is to enter your personal information, confirm your make and model, tell PhoneClaim what happened and where to ship your phone. At the same time, if you have filed a claim online, you can track it or view additional program information.

PhoneClaim Verizon Online Instructions
To process your Verizon cell phone replacement claim at PhoneClaim Verizon online, you must make sure that you are an account holder of Verizon. Then you will be asked to enter your personal information, identify your cell phone make and model, describe what happened and where to ship your new phone, pay your deductible and then you can receive your phone as quickly as the next day.

As what PhoneClaim Verizon online offers to any other wireless carriers, you can track your claims and get customer services from Verizon online. has all the answers to the problems you are facing with your Verizon Wireless phone claims, like the quick solution, FAQs and start-up directions.

On your claim documents page, you need to enter personal identification information to ensure the security of your device insurance claim. Your passport, driver’s license, credit card can be the eligible identification items.

How to File a Claim for Replacement of Verizon Device
To get started, you need to first visit the website at (Click the link in Reference Link 1 at the bottom of this page) and then enter the 10-digit wireless number of your device in the required fields and click “Start a claim”. Then follow the step by step instructions below to replace your device:

  1. By clicking “Start a claim”, you will be brought into a new page where you would be asked to offer general information including your name, security code, etc. Complete them and click “Continue”.
  2. Give incident details about your device.
  3. Complete the device details.
  4. Type in your shipping address.
  5. Choose your payment method.
  6. Review the information you provide and click on ‘Submit’.

After filing a claim, you can click Reference Link 4 to check your claim status. If you get any other questions, you can refer to the FAQ page for help.

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