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With your beloved ones in prison unfortunately, you surely need an effective way to keep in touch with them. Then, it is the CorrLinks System that you should refer to for help. This Email system is designed for your convenience, and you can take advantage of it simply by paying visit to its official website (See Reference Link 1 below).

Requirements before Utilizing CorrLinks System

  1. You should be familiar with the one in prison you are about to communicate with.
  2. You must be added into the inmate’s permitted contact list in advance.
  3. Your CorrLinks account should be funded timely via MasterCard or VISA credit card.

CorrLinks System Sign Up Step by Step Guidance

The sign up process is asked for if you are planning to make use of the CorrLinks System. Just follow the easy steps presented below.

  1. You will receive an Invitation Email from the system once added into the inmate’s approved contact list, which includes an Identification Code, write the code down.
  2. Log onto (Click the Reference Link 1 below), give a hit on the orange “Register” button and fill the register form with the information required.
  3. Wait about half an hour before the System check your account information and approve your request, don’t get confused if you haven’t succeeded immediately.

Communicate via Emails through CorrLinks System

After you signed up with the CorrLinks System, you can begin to communicate with your beloved ones through it. The steps listed below are provided for your convenience.

  1. Log in with your Email Address and Password submitted in the sign up process.
  2. Add the inmate number of whom you are to contact with into your address book.
  3. Compose and send new message to your beloved in the “New Message” module.

Click the blue “Forgot your password?” link if you have forgotten your account password to get it back.

If you want to get an alert email when receiving message from CorrLinks System, you can click “Account Management” – “Manage my inmate list” – “Email Alert” to realize that goal, so you won’t miss the message from your beloved ones.

Reference Links

  1. CorrLinks System Official Website –
  2. CorrLinks System FAQ Page
  3. CorrLinks System Customer Support Page