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As the UK’s most popular website for pets, provides a totally free to use advertising platform for people who are looking for a pet or want to adopt a pet. There are mainly two things you can do at search for a favorite pet, rehome a pet. For those who love pets, like cats, dogs, rabbits and horses, this website should not be missed. The following are some instructions, which can help you quickly deal your problems at Pet4Homes.

Search for Your Favorite Pets Instructions

Thousands of dogs, cats, horses and other pets are available for you to get at Pet4Homes. This website allows free advertising for pets. Sellers can sell their own pets for free here. All pets for sale or for stud have marked prices.

  1. Log onto the Pet4Homes official webpage. Choose the service you need and refine your result by selecting pet type, pet breed and location. Click “Search” to start.
  2. Click on any pets you lay your eyes on, and you’ll see the pet description and the pet advice.
  3. Contact the seller by email or by phone if you are interested in.
  4. In the “Pet Advice” section, there’re a number of articles providing the most informative pet advice and pet care information on all types of pet. Use the search bar to find the pet article you want to know about.
  5. In the “Insurance” section, you’ll be given a chart to see the comparison among insurance agents if you’d like to take out pet insurance. The top one is recommended because of no pet age limit, reasonable vet fees excess. Click “Get Quote”, and you will enter the insurance company’s official website. To make a better decision, please read the “Further Pet Insurance Information” below and take their suggestion before clicking on the “Get Quote” button.

Rehome Your Pets Instructions

If you have a pet but could not keep it any more, you will need to find a new home for your pet. This website can help you deal with this problem. Visit the website and post your pet ads by clicking “Post New Ad” on the homepage and register as a private seller, a breeder or a rescue center. Enter your personal and contact details to register on Pet4homes. You can then create your pet ads. these ads are free, you do not need to pay. If anyone want to adopt the pet, you will be contacted later.

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