Redeem Your BurgerKing Rewards at

Do you often dine out in Burger King? Do you earn a lot of BKSM Crowns and receive some special coupons. As the global, quick-service chain restaurant,  Burger King now offers you a chance to redeem your rewards for all your favorites. Don’t hesitate to click in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to get rewarded for your offer.

Rules for Redeeming BurgerKing Rewards

  • Redeem 25 BKSM CROWNS for a small beverage
  • Redeem 50 BKSM CROWNS for any menu item
  • Redeem 75 BKSM CROWNS for any combo meal

How to Redeem BurgerKing Rewards

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into  your BurgerKing account. You will get 50 BKSM Crowns if you spend $5 through Burger King Rewards, which enable you to choose any individual item in the menu for free. If you do not have an BurgerKing account, why not create one simply by clicking the “Register” button on the top of page.
  3. Earn rewards & coupons. You will earn some BKSM Crowns after your every purchase at BurgerKing.
  4. Redeem. You can use your BKSM Crowns to redeem items for free.

Reference Links

  1. BurgerKing Rewards Page –
  2. Burger King Official Site –
  3. Burger King Facebook Page –