Quick to Activate Your Credit Card at halifax.co.uk/Activate

Credit card is a must in modern society.  Credit card helps you to purchase as well as save money. Managing your finance can be a life-long lesson for all, But with Halilfax, it won’t takes that long. Halifax is a banking system in England and is a division of Bank of  Scotland. It owns Lloyds Banking Group itself, which is the biggest mortgage and sales account provider in the U.K. Your money will be safe and secure with Halifax and I believe you can get the best interest rate and financial advices  provided by Halifax. Do business with Halifax, you will benefit and make your life smooth. Please visit halifax.co.uk/Activate (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) to find out about how to activate your credit card.

How to Activate Halifax Credit Card

  • Visit halifax.co.uk/Activate
  • For people already registered online banking, click the orange button ” Sign in to Online Banking”. People who have not, click the blue “Continue” button.
  • Insert your card number, date of birth, expire date and click “Activate”.
  • If you encounter any problems, contact Halifax on 0345 720 3040 (+44 1132 421 984 , from outside the UK), For people with hearing impairment, use Textphone service on 0345 732 3436 (Monday to Sunday, 9:00am – 5:30pm).

Please note that if you activate your primary card, then your additional card will also be activated. If you don’t want to activate any card, please contact  0345 944 4555 (+44 1733 573 189 from outside the UK).

Halifax will consider to increase your credit limit based on your account behavior within  six months, so be sure to manage your spending well during that time. Balance transfer can only be performed between Halifax credit cards and store cards. Last but not least, online shopping may not be safe, but once fraud happens, Halifax will help you to reimburse your loss as long as you have taken precautions to secure your card.

Reference Links

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