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You must be mad if you got your phone lost, stolen or damaged, not because how expensive the phone is, but because how much privacy is in it. You cannot always stop your phone from being stolen, lost or damaged, but you can sound an alarm on a misplaced phone, locate a lost phone on a map, lock a lost or misplaced phone and even remotely wipe data from a lost or misplaced phone. T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection Bundle is helpful in this aspect. Now click in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to file your claim and enjoy more services.

T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection Bundle Overview
There are several reasons why you should consider T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection Bundle:

  • Peace of mind. T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection Bundle covers insurance, warranty and mobile security. So you don’t need to worry about the loss, theft, damage, and malfunction of your phone. You can sound alarm, locate your phone on a map and even get turn-by-turn directions to its location using the phone’s GPS, lock it, and wipe data remotely.
  • Convenience. You can file a claim online which usually takes less than 10 minutes, or make a call. And you can get an additional 6 months of warranty support on insurance replacements.
  • Low cost. Enrolling the T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection Bundle requires a small amount of money per month and keeps you from paying full retail replacement cost for a wireless device.

Enrollment must occur no later than 14 days after the purchase of the wireless device. You can cancel coverage at any time by contacting Asurion at 1-888-805-3366.

T-Mobile Phone Claim Guide
Asurion can help a lot when you lost your phone. Get the following at hand to quicken your claim process:

  • Your mobile telephone number.
  • The make and model of the wireless device.
  • Your credit card or account number for paying the Insurance Deductible or Service Warranty Processing Fee.
  • Proof of ownership and/or government issued ID.

Guide to File A T-Mobile Phone Claim

  1. Visit for easy and convenient claim filing within 10 minutes. Click on “File  Claim’ button, enter your wireless number, first name, last name, carrier and security code to continue the process and follow the instruction to finish the filing.
  2. Or call Asurion 24 hours per day, 365 days a year at 1-866-268-7221.

With Asurion, it is easy to look up deductible, you just need to select your handset’s manufacturer and model. It is good to know that there are 4 plans to T-Mobile phones: Deductible $25/Per claim limit $150, Deductible $40/Per claim limit $250, Deductible $90/Per claim limit $350 and Deductible $130/Per claim limit $1,000.  To know more about coverage, you can download Coverage Terms & Conditions (See Reference Link 4).

The Process of T-Mobile Online Claim

If you want to replace your handset, Asurion online claim is a chance for you. The online claim process of T-Mobile is user-friendly and will not take long time. Click “File Claim” and proceed the claim with the following five steps.

  1. Enter your personal information
  2. Give your T-Mobile cell phone incident details
  3. Confirm your T-Mobile cell phone manufacturer and model
  4. Explain where to ship your replacement phone
  5. Pay your deductible and you’ll receive your phone as quickly as the next business day

If you have already filed a claim online, you’ll receive an email which tells you your claim number and another separate email which notifies you your package tracking information. And you now can resume or track your claim. If your claim has been completed and approved, please wait for the replacement delivered to you. And viewing Shipping time can help you stay calm while waiting.

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