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Name one field where Adobe has no place to exert its power. Think and think harder. Farming? Maybe, if you mean family-sized farm because now farming can be digital. Yes, digital. That’s the hashtag for this era. It seems that Adobe technology goes wherever this word goes. Your smartphones, tablets, PCs, games, videos, digital magazines… every corner of our life is touched by this powerful technology. Like it or not, Adobe is ubiquitous.

Adobe Products & Support Instructions
Adobe stores lineups of software and services for individuals, family and businesses. An article is not gonna take you to know everything about these products and services. Adobe tools are there to experience for yourself instead of reading for yourself. This article is intended to guide you to learn about what you can do on Adobe website. Are you an Adobe expert? Would you like to show us some of your masterpiece? You can leave your comments below and like us on Facebook to amaze us!

All Adobe products and solutions can be found on the main menu at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page). Adobe Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Document services, Publishing can be accessed when you roll over “Products”. If you want to use Adobe in your business operations or find Adobe solutions for different industries, move to “Business Solutions”.

Never miss Download Center where you can find all of the Adobe desktop applications, services and touch apps that are part of a Creative Cloud membership. Use the side or header navigation to search for your favorite, recently updated or popular apps you need. Hit “Download” or “Get Started” to download trial or download the app. All you need is an Adobe ID which can be created in minutes. Some software doesn’t require registration. For more information, please head to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Of course such professional tools can always bring about needs for Support & Learning. Click the button on the menu and get FAQs or buy tutorials to better make use of the software. Adobe discounts, promotions and coupon codes are available through special offers on the main page.

Adobe Creative Cloud
For starters, Adobe Creative Cloud is a great service to introduce to Adobe fans. Visit and click “Adobe Creative Cloud” or find it on the drop-down list of “Products”. Creative Cloud brings together the very latest versions of all the Adobe professional creative desktop applications. Cloud storage, file syncing, publishing on Behance, expert training and support are made possible through Creative Cloud.

  • New CS customers can have a 30 day app trials for free with limited access to services. Plans for individuals, teams & business, education are priced differently. You can choose a Single App plan or Complete Apps according to your needs. Education customers save 60%. Offer ends October 27, 2013.
  • Existing CS customers are able to access complete and single-app plans. CS3–CS6 customers can save 40%. Promotional pricing for existing Adobe Creative Suite customers applies to the first year of membership. Offer ends December 3, 2013.

To join Adobe Creative Cloud,

  1. Click “Join” to create an Adobe ID.
  2. Tell Adobe about your team, business or academic status.
  3. Review membership details and provide your payment information
  4. Confirm your information and join Adobe Creative Cloud to access creative tools, edge tools& services.

Adobe also got Marketing Cloud for marketers. Web experience management, analytics, social, media optimization, testing and targeting, campaign management are all in Marketing Cloud.

More Adobe products are at Explore more features and get the real fun with Adobe.

Reference Links

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