Migrate Your Equipment towards Comcast Digital Now at www.comcast.com/digitalnow

Comcast Digital Equipment Center is a place where Comcast updates their network to provide TV channels in digital format with digital-quality signals on all TVs connected to Comcast service. You can order the right digital equipment for your TVs at www.comcast.com/digitalnow )Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the target page) to enjoy your current channels in crisp digital picture and sound–and to receive more channels.

Comcast Digital Now Migration Instructions
Comcast Digital Migration will improve picture quality, allow Comcast to offer over 3,000 HD choices and enable Comcast to provide customers with access to over 17,000 On Demand titles. In addition, the enhanced network will be able to deliver faster Internet access speeds and enhanced home phone service. Due to regional difference, there are some questions like “comcast memphis digital migration”, “comcast new york digital migration”. Please contact your local Comcast team and confirm whether it is available.

Most customers won’t see a change in their bill. For Limited Basic only customers, Comcast will provide them with an existing digital set top box up to 3 digital adapters at no additional monthly service cost, and a customer will be charged $0.50 for each additional while all other customers will be provided with a digital converter included at no additional charge with their primary outlet. For each additional outlet using digital adapter service the customer will be charged $1.99 per month.

If you already have Digital Transport Adapter from www.comcast.com/digitalnow, the installation video is available at digitalnow.comcast.com/dtaplayer.aspx. You can also download Comcast digital adapter guide pdf document and how to use the Remote Control pdf document for the general Comcast DigitalNow activation and digital starter troubleshooting.

Just visit www.Comcast.com/DigitalNow or digitalnow.comcast.com to learn whether Comcast DigitalNow Migration is available in your region.

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