Make Your Dell Purchase Wisely at

If you’re not a member of Dell Member Purchase Program, you may spend some additional money than a Dell member does and get less services that Dell has provided for customers. For the best and premium experience, making your every purchase at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the official page) would be a wise choice.

Member Purchase Program Benefits Instructions

After you join the Member Purchase Program, you’ll enjoy the following benefits easily, such as getting the best price guarantee, member-exclusive offers, discounts on electronics, accessories and services, and Dell advantage.

  • Best Price Guarantee

You will get the best price on all models of PCs and tablets from

  • Discounts on Electronics, Accessories and More

You will get an additional 5% discount on Dell products and 3% on non-Dell once.

  • Member Exclusive Offers

You can enjoy monthly Dell Member Exclusive Offer, and join in sweepstakes without limits.

Member Purchase Program Participation Instructions

It would take you just a few minutes to become a Dell Member from some guest, all you need is to take the following steps and read the instructions and notices carefully at

  1. Choose your category among the eight ones
  2. Select your products in the recommended page
  3. Follow the instructions to select additional services or accessories
  4. When you check out, you can register an account of Member Purchase Program to get all the benefits
  5. Create a Dell Member account or log in with your current account
  6. Complete your purchase with the best price and exclusive offers.

Now you have completed the first purchase at as a Dell Member. If you have any questions during your purchase or after receiving the products, you can contact Dell via phone, live chat, e-mail and Facebook.

Reference Links

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