Learn More about Snapple Tea and Juice Drinks at www.snapple.com

Like to drink Snapple? Maybe the website of Snapple tea and juice drinks will interest you. At the site you will learn more things about Snapple brand, products and more. Simply click www.snapple.com in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to get to know Snapple better.

Snapple Tea and Juice Drinks Instructions
Snapple has designed a website to introduce their Snapple tea and juice drinks online. It will help you know more about the Snapple drinks with four following sections :

  1. PRODUCTS – At this section you will be able to see all the products offered by Snapple.  You can choose the product you like from the categories of Diet, Regular, Tea, Juice Drink, Additional Flavors. If you click on one product you like, take Peach Tea for example, you could see the Nutrition Facts for it like 160 calories, zero fat, 10mg sodium, etc. ,and its Ingredients.
  2. REAL FACTS – Snapple is known for printing interesting numbered “real facts” on the inside of their bottle caps. A list of those “Real Facts” is available at this section, you can even view them by categories.
  3. PROMOTION – It is a place where Snapple promotes its new products. For instance, Snapple’s Half ‘n Half hits the market recently connecting lemonade lovers and iced tea tastemakers together.
  4. HISTORY – The Snapple museum where you can see the path of growth and development of Snapples.

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Reference Links

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  4. Snapple Drinks Official Homepage – www.snapple.com
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