Learn Education2020 Virtual Classroom Students Login Instructions at student.education2020.com

Nowadays, education has become the first concern for most parents and their children. But traditional education only cannot satisfy the increasing educational needs. In this case, Internet education emerges to complement traditional one. Education2020 is just one kind of Internet education and it is powerful in helping school districts provide core and elective instructions in a virtual school setting for students in grades 6-12.

Education2020 Virtual Classroom Students Login Instructions
Education2020 is using the next generation technology to help students learn and teachers teach online. At the same time, it encourages and promotes them to be engaging in and interactive for the learning process. It helps students achieve academic success by employing Edgenuity courses which characterize thorough, standards-based instructions and formidable interactive tools to support learning. On the whole, engaging multimedia and real-world applications help ensure students build content knowledge and essential skills.

How to Login Education2020 Virtual Classroom

For students, it is easy to login virtual classroom. Just enter your username and password at learn education2020 page and you can enjoy your educational resources including receiving messages and viewing announcements. You can also download Education2020 course descriptions and pricing to decide whether you should join Education2020 dynamic video conference education system. For more operation details concerning how to use the resource, you can refer to the video on the left side of the student experience page. To enable the online education system at student.education2020.com (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site), you need to download some plugins like Adobe Flash Player, Apple Quicktime Player and Java. If you are not sure about whether your browser has installed those plugins, click “Check Plugins” link at the left bottom of the page and download the necessary plugins for your computer. If you encounter any installing problems, click “problems installing” for help.

If you stumble across any other problems, please contact Education2020 team.

  • Address: Edgenuity 7303 E. Earll Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  • Phone: 877-7CLICKS for Sales and 877-202-0338 ext- 3 for Support
  • Email: solutions@edgenuity.com

For teachers with education2020 account, you can login your account at teacher.education2020.com and manage your educational resources. For more courses information, please move to www.edgenuity.com.

Login your account at student.education2020.com (See Reference Links below) to start learning at virtual classroom.

Reference Links

  1. Edgenuity Homepage –   www.edgenuity.com
  2. Edgenuity for Students – student.education2020.com 
  3. Edgenuity on Facebook – www.facebook.com/Edgenuity