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The Student Loan Corporation has helped millions of students and their families that can’t afford a college education. As one of the nation’s leading originators and holders of student loans, Citibank student loans offer loans guaranteed under the Federal Family Education Loan Program as well as an array of Citibank Assist private loans. Citibank is recognized as one of the first banks to finance higher education, beginning in 1958. Visit Student Loan website at (Click the link in the Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly) to see whether the program fits for you.

Citibank Student Loans Instructions
With more than 50 years, Citibank student loans continue to develop innovative products that meet customers’ changing needs, help them save money, and help them successfully manage student loan debt. Citibank Student Loans at work closely with schools to ensure that students borrow only what they need. In doing so, Citibank Student Loans help them achieve a sense of financial security by keeping their borrowing to a minimum.

There are five kinds of student loans that you can apply, including: Undergraduate Student Loans, Graduate Student Loans, Law Student Loans, Health Profession Loans and Co-Signing Student Loans. It covers up the entire cost of your education with zero origination fees and no payment while in school.

You can start an online application or you can use our automated system or speak with one of our customer service representatives. Just call 1-800-967-2400, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm ET. With your own account, you can perform the following:

  1. View current and prior month statements.
  2. Pay your student loans online.
  3. View balances and other information on your existing loans.
  4. Ensure your information on file is current (i.e., home and e-mail addresses, phone number, etc.).
  5. Check on the status of an application in process.

A CitiAssist private student loan can help bridge the gap between the money you received from scholarships and the government, and the funds you still need for tuition, books, supplies, transportation, and room and board. Also, when you apply with a creditworthy co-signer; you may increase your chance of approval and a lower interest rate. The Student Loan Corporation serves approximately 2.1 million customers, some of your friends and college are using them right now.

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