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As part of the Hilton family, have you ever fancied the same fine accommodations and care you offer the guests with less money spent? The Team Member Travel Program (TMTP) and Hilton Family Travel Program (HFTP) entitle you and your family to the authentic experience with great discounted room rates for your traveling stays. Hence, don’t hesitate and act on your dreams in any of over 2000 Hilton hotel or resort.

Hilton Family and Team Member Travel Programs Guide
The TMTP and HFTP launched by the Hilton Worldwide are open to the whole eligible employees including all regular, full and part-time team members of Hilton Worldwide, its subsidiaries, or owned, managed and franchised hotels in the Hilton family of brands. TMTP is open to all immediate family members of a team member consisting of a team member’s spouse, parents or any children and the team member must be present at check-in while HFTP is available to all the immediate family members and a team member’s siblings, in-laws and grandparents, whether or not traveling with the team member. And both programs are only valid for leisure travel. You book the reservations up to one year in advance at any of the hotels under either the TMTP or HFTP. For detailed reservation rules, just view the FAQ. To learn the most anticipated part – discounted employee rates as well as premium & specialty properties, you may click on the Link One and Link Two.

Therefore, it is time for you to book your reservations and all you need to do is just several simple steps. But please note that the TMTP or HFTP reservations can only be made online.

Steps to join the TMTP and HFTP:

Confirm your work location

  • Visit (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page).
  • Click the orange button marked “Begin Here” in the upper section of the homepage to get started.
  • Fill in the required information and press “Find it”.
  • Select your work location from the list provided and then hit the blue “Continue” button to proceed. You may choose to save your location for the sake of convenience by ticking the box in the left of the “Continue” button.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions carefully and agree to it by clicking the blue “Accept” button.

Search for available hotels

  • Enter your desired location, dates, number of rooms & guests, hotel brands and type of rates.
  • After hitting the blue “Continue” button, you will be accessible to the suitable hotel package.
  • Please note that the TMTP and HFTP rates are available for up to seven consecutive nights at any Hilton hotel or resort.
  • TMTP rates are unavailable at hotels within 50 miles of your home or primary work address.
  • Team Members may have a maximum of 28 total room nights outstanding within the TMTP program at any given time.

Choose the hotel that’s right for you

  • View the further details of all these options and eventually choose the most ideal one.
  • Click the red “Check Availability” button and you will get all the appropriate rooms available in the hotel. You may scan the room details and check the rates before making the final decision.
  • Having gotten a full picture of the selections, you may go to the next step by pressing the green “Select” button of your ideal option. Note that you may only reserve up to two rooms per stay under the TMTP program.

Reserve your room

  • To confirm your room, you need give your personal and a credit card information and then press the button marked “Book Reservation”.
  • Note that you are qualified to modify your reservations in this step by clicking on the corresponding “Change” links on the top of the pages.
  • Alternatively, you may call at 877-547-6667 or click on “Existing Reservations” in the top of the homepage to change or cancel your reservations.

Secure your passport

  • Take the Confirmation Number to your HR department or General Manager to get a signed Travel Passport for the TMTP or a Hilton Family Travel Passport for the HFTP.
  • Both passports are required at check-in along with Photo ID.

Under any program, a second reservation may not be made for the same hotel until the first stay under that program is completed.

At last, if you have any questions or problems, please refer to the Program Guide. When everything is ready, visit to get your benefits and start your journey.

Reference Links

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  2. Hilton Worldwide Official Site –
  3. Hilton Discounted Employee Rates and Premium & Specialty Properties
  4. Hilton TMTP or HFTP FAQ