Instructions on How to Complete a Power of Attorney for Health Care

A Power of Attorney for Health Care gives someone the authority to make decisions about your health care and medical treatment when you are unable to give decisions to doctors, such as you are unconscious or sick. When your health condition is unstable, the doctors always suggest that  you sign a health care power of attorney. You should choose a person you trust deeply and knows you well to be your agent. When emergency comes, he or she can make decisions instead of you to give the best treatment to your health.

Instructions for Completing a Power of Attorney for Health Care

As the health care power of attorney is so important, one must be serious with it. To complete a power of attorney for health care, you have to think over before signing your name on the paper, for it is concerned with your health and even life. Here are some instructions which you should read carefully for completing your own power of attorney for health care. Keep these instructions in mind and they can help you a lot.

  • Choose a qualified person: You must be aware that your agent has the right to make life and death decisions for you when you are sick or injured. Therefore, you should make sure the person you choose is totally trustworthy and respect your wishes. Select carefully to guarantee your health and life.
  • Choose alternative agents: Most people would easily forget this. One agent is not enough. If the agent is also in emergency or trapped in other events and unable to make decisions for you, then you may be in danger. It is better to choose the second or even third agent who can take over the authority when the first agent is also in trouble.
  • Heart-to-heart conversation: After choosing your agents, you need to have a real talk with them. Tell them your health condition carefully and your preferences or wishes of medical treatment. Make sure they will make decisions according to your own wishes.
  • Witnesses: When you decide to sign the name on the power of attorney for health care with your agent, you should find several witnesses. In case of unexpected events, the witnesses may help a lot.

The health care power of attorney can not be overlooked. Knowing more tips and instructions can really help you and benefit you. You may know more about Power of Attorney with the links below.

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