How to Make Use of GuruHow with Efficiency presents solutions for the problems that users care the most in the most efficient way. There are no complex directions. Everything is organized into steps, and every step is described in the simplest yet most accurate way. For every post at, you can find either a clear outline or useful step directions to help you get to know the structure of the post and therefore help you better understand the instructions or solutions.  Read on to find how to make use of with efficiency.

Make Use of Step Directions

Steps directions

Problems can be as complex as they appear, while solutions can be as simple as we want you to know. In the upper left corner of each post page is the Steps Directions. You can know how many steps there are to solve the problem simply with a glance. By clicking each step, you will be directed to the specific part of that step. You will never need to scroll up and down to find the steps and the content they are directed to, because Steps Directions are pinned to the top the page so that you can always see them and navigate to any part of the post whenever you want.

Make Use of Notes 


The content of posts is highly simplified so that you are not be confused by irrelevant things. But sometimes it is necessary to account for some extra information. The extra information is organized into Notes.

Make Use of Searching Function

Although the posts are all well organized, it is recommended that you make full use of the searching function, because it is the most efficient way to find the posts that you are looking for. Simply type in the searching field the keywords of the problem you are searching for, you will get the answer.