Go to www.wellsfargoprotection.com to Let Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection Plans Protect Your Credits

With the utility of credit card, life has become more convenient, while using credit card can also be threatened by some hidden dangers such as card theft or information theft. To help customers prevent and solve identity theft, Wells Fargo has promoted its Identity Theft Protection Plans and has taken the responsibility of bringing customers comfort. Click www.wellsfargoprotection.com in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to begin your Identity Theft Protection Plan.

Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection Plans Instructions
Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection is a membership service. With it, customers can get access to credit information and credit activity when provided with a quarterly credit report and credit scores. Credit information is supervised every day for certain changes and if the three main credit bureaus receive changes report, a notification will be sent to you immediately.

Once you’ve enrolled in a Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection plan, you can sign on to your identity theft protection plan at www.wellsfargoprotection.com with your username and member number both of which are included in your membership materials, communications, and billing statements. Then you can get online services designed for you.

  • Access to everyday monitoring of your credit information and get protection from all three major credit reporting agencies.
  • Get updates and alerts if there are changes so that you can always keep an eye on your account.
  • Provided identity theft occurs, you can get help from specialists thus you can save time .
  • If identity theft arises, you can find it out early thus reducing potential losses.
  • As an Identity Theft Protection Plan member, you can upgrade to Enhanced Identity Theft Protection monthly credit reports so that you can use additional credit management tools.

For enrollment in Identity Theft Protection plan, you will cost $12.99 a month to get your credit management. And your first month is just $1. For enrollment in Enhanced Identity Theft Protection plan, you will be charged for  $15.99 per month to receive triple-bureau credit report and credit score online. You only need to spend $1 for your first month. Even if you have no intention to enroll and purchase any of the plans, you can receive Annual Credit Report from each of the three major credit bureaus at Annual Credit Report website.

In the navigation bar of Wells Fargo protection page, you can also view a lot of information about small business, commercial and financial education. If you want to learn more about protecting your identity, Consumer Federation of America can matter a lot.

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