Go to link.samsung.com to Share and Play Content Using Samsung Link

AllShare and Samsung Link services have been fully integrated. Once you add your devices to Samsung Link, you are able to track videos, photos and other documents on other devices you register with your Samsung account. Share and play content anywhere on your smart devices by clicking link.samsung.com in Reference Links at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy Content on Your Devices with Samsung Link Instructions
Samsung Link allows easy access to all your content, watching videos across multiple devices and automatically saving your photos taken with your smart phone and Wi-Fi camera to the cloud. You can play content in a nearby mobile device or PC, on TV in the same network or in remote devices connected to different networks.

Samsung Link on Mobile
To add your mobile to Samsung Link, activate Samsung Link app and create a Samsung account or sign with your email and password. That’s it. Your mobile has been set up. You can also register your storage device to Samsung Link to use it like a device.

Now you can view content stored in other registered devices and play videos or view photos on a nearby TV. Just check the content you wish to view and select the change player icon to play the content on your big screen TV or PC.

Pictures or videos on your mobile can be uploaded to your registered PC or storage device if you enable Auto Upload in the Settings.

Samsung Link on PC
If you register your computer with Samsung Link, you can use the service as you do on your mobile.

  1. Visit link.samsung.com and sign in with the same Samsung link you use with your mobile. You can create an account by clicking “Sign Up” below the “Sign in” option.
  2. Click the “Start” button to get started with Samsung Link. Install the software to register your computer.
  3. You can view Photos, Music, Videos, Files categories that are saved under the default folder.
  4. Add a  storage device by clicking the “+” button next to “Registered Storage” on the home screen. If you used the service before, sign with the account for the service. If not, sign up for it.
  5. You can send or download content to or from your registered mobile devices. Choose your mobile device on the left navigation and check the content. Select “Send” or “Download” button below the category bar.

Samsung Link on Smart TV
Use your TV to access content stored in other devices or send content. When you log in with a Samsung account on a smart TV, devices registered to with Samsung Link will appear automatically. Select a device and the content you want to play.

Your Samsung smart TV is able to play content from the nearby mobile devices that are connected to the same network. If your TV models are from 2012 and later, you are able to play content in remote devices connected to different networks.

Reference Links

  1. Samsung Homepage – www.samsung.com
  2. Samsung Link Homepage – link.samsung.com
  3. Samsung Customer Support – help.content.samsung.com/csweb/faq/searchFaq.do