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As a major U.S. airline and the largest airline alliance in the world, United Airlines operates its business around the world with innumerable co-workers serving their clients worldwide. It is desirably called upon to have such a website that may allow co-workers of United Airlines access to company business information and to communicate regarding company business. (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) did that and is continuously performing its duties.

United Airlines Employees Flying Together Access Instructions
If you are working with United Airlines, it’s inevitable that you go to this website and check it out. This site provides access to the company’s Information Systems. Co-workers are expected to use Information Systems only in ways that are consistent with the purposes of performing regularly assigned duties and growing the company’s business.

Before logging in, you must read the important notice and log-in issues below the picture of this site, knowing your responsibility for all your actions taken on Information Systems and the fact that these actions are sometimes monitored by United Airlines, with or without notice. So it’s unwise to try to breach confidentiality.

For Continental co-workers, you need to use your CO Employee ID and mycoair password to sign in. For Co-workers, you should use your UA File Number and SkyNet password to sign in. Visit and log in using your electronic account and credentials.

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