Get to Know Your Xfinity Remote Controls at

It can’t be more easy to press some button on your Xfinity Remote and control your TV while yourself sinking in the sofa. Xfinity provides considerate remote control services for its users. However, do you really know your remote control thoroughly? Why not visit (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the target site) and discover more?

Xfinity Remote Control Instructions

Xfinity offers customers details instructions on remote controls at, which can be roughly divided into five parts:

  • Setting up Your Remote. This includes how to pair your remote with a set-up box, and how to control you TV or audio receiver with your remote
  • Get to Know Your Remote. How do you know the voice remote from Xfinity? What the other types of remote such as XR2 and XR5 remotes?
  • User Guides. Xfinity provides different types of remotes: silver remote with red button, silver remote with grey button, XR2, XR5, voice remote (XR11) and large button remote. Each has an illustrated instruction.
  • Equipment Resources. Do you know the differences between different equipment? Do you know how to program your X1 remote for TV control or to an audio receiver? You can find all the answers here.
  • Help & Troubleshoot. Still have unsolved problems? This section contains professional solutions to your remote problems: Do you need a replacement remote? What if your remote does not control your TV? How to check your remote’s battery level? You can always find more by visiting this page.

If the Help & Troubleshoot section fails to solve your problem, you may try “Search the Help & Support Forum” at the bottom of page. Or Contact Comcast by calling 1-800-934-6489 or clicking “chat with an agent” to settle your problem online.

Reference Links

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  3. Comcast Customer Service Contact Information –