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You have just enjoyed a fantastic talk show last night, and you’d like to catch it up again today. In addition to turning to your computer and Internet for help, Xfinity also helps you access your TV channels via X1 Entertainment Operation System simply via TV. Click in Reference Links to find more.

Xfinity X1 Entertainment Operating System Instructions

Xfinity on X1 delivers the simplest, fastest and most complete way to access all your entertainment on all your screens. The Get to Know part mainly includes the following five aspects:

  • Get Started. This section contains the main menu overview, remote control basics, how to pair your remote to your TV or audio device, how to set up Apps on your TV, and user guide
  • Explore X1. Explore X1 introduces tips on how to use the guide, the remote, and the DVR. It also teaches you how to watch on demand, and gives you an overview as to X1 on web and mobile
  • Manage Your Settings. This section deals with more professional and technical issues such as accessibility features, video resolution, audio output, and parental controls
  • Help & Troubleshooting. If the four sections above still can not solve your problems, here is what you need. Do you need video tutorials, quick overview guide, or basic troubleshooting? Have you come across any error codes? Simply enter your X1 error code and click “Search” to get the error settled. For those who want to explore and discover more, the forum will be a perfect place to discuss your problems and share your experience
  • Apps. This section sketches an overview about Apps on your TV and tells you how to install and control them
  • Tips & Tricks. This part includes user’s tips and tricks, Comcast Labs and the latest news about Comcast and X1

For further information and solutions, don’t hesitate to contact Comcast via Customer Service Contact Information page or calling 1-800-934-6489.

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