Get to Know Instagram Basics

Instagram is a photo-sharing application. it is simply about photo and sharing. But it is popular, and there can be a lot of fun with Instagram. You can even find your own fun with Instagram even though it is still simply about photo and sharing.

How to Use Instagram 

People who use Instagram would

  • register for an Instagram account,
  • find people to follow and gather followers,
  • take photos of anything they would like to share with others,
  • view comments on the photo they have shared,
  • view the photos others have shared,
  • and make comments on the photos others have shared.

What is the Fun with Instagram [1]

Take Photos, Record Life

Instagram can record all the photos you have taken and shared with Instagram app. Photos can be more vivid than words. some time when you look back at your Instagram profile, it is full of photos and memory.

Edit Photo, Make Beautiful Photos

Edit Photos

When people take photos with Instagram, they can edit photo with a number of filters and effects which may make your photos much more beautiful.

Share Photos, Share Life

It is always a great fun to interact with people who share common interests with you. If you find someone who loves life as you do, you can share your life with him or her on Instagram.

To sum up, Instagram is simple to use, but you can find various interesting things to do with what a photo can do.