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Looking for DIRECTV Pay Per View (PPV) movies? DIRECTV PPV Pay Per View program will help you understand how to order DIRECTV CINEMA movies and Pay Per View events. In order to get the movie you are looking for, you need to sign in your DIRECTV account first, then browser My DIRECTV, click Live Events, you are there and is ready to purchase PPV. You can use your remote control to purchase PPV as well when your receiver is connected to a phone line or high speed internet. Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the official page.

DIRECTV Pay Per View Guide
Before watching Pay Per View event program, you should know how to pay for the program, you can bill the charge directly to your DIRECTV account or use your credit card or checking account. When the purchase is successful, you can watch one Pay Per View event program on multiple TVs on the same account if you order online at

You can purchase Pay Per View movies to watch on your TV in a few different ways:

  1. If your receiver is connected to the Internet or a land-based phone line, you can order right from your TV screen using your remote control with simply three steps: Channel 1100 and select the Pay Per View movie you want to watch; When it starts playing you’ll see an on-screen message asking you to confirm your purchase; Just select “Yes, Confirm” and enjoy the show.
  2. You can also use your computer, tablet, or cell phone to order Pay Per View. These options do not require a receiver connected to the Internet or a land-based phone line. Four steps are needed: Go to on your computer or tablet and sign in (If you don’t have an online account, it takes just seconds to create one); Use the search field at the of the site to quickly find the Pay Per View movie you want to order; Click “Order” under your movie title and follow the prompts on your screen to confirm your purchase; Go to Channel 1100 and select your movie to start watching.
  3. You can also order Pay Per View movies by simply texting from your cell phone. Just text “Order” to the number 223322. And then just follow the prompts.
  4. Call 1-800-531-5000 to order Pay Per Movies by phone. When prompted, say “Order Pay Per View” to order movies using their automated phone system. Please note that $1.50 phone fee applies.

If you love watching movies at home, Netflix is another choice, which is offering two months free trial, activate Netflix account and compare which one works for you. The main difference between them is DIRECTV is providing package services like TV, movies, music, HD and PPV, while Netflix is focusing more on movies only. DIRECTV has great rebates program at for customers as well. If you have more questions about DIRECTV PPV, visit the FAQ page or contact DIRECTV customer service team.


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