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Need some material to make your yard look greener and better? Lowe’s is where you should visit. With almost everything you need on seeds, soil, greenhouses, you can get your lawn ready for a view through all seasons. Log on to My Lowe’s and find solutions for your garden. Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the official page.

Lowe’s Plants Instructions
If you take a literal look at the saying that the grass is always greener on the other side, you may find the answer to why you walked in this website. Blooming container gardens and creative garden decorations could instantly steal your focus. You have free access to articles and videos giving you tips or instructions to grow your plants and decorate your lovely yard. You can find proper garden tools and learn about plants that are right for your area. Under the category of Lawn Care & Landscaping, you are free to view popular categories and choose your favorite plants, bulbs or seeds for your lawn and garden.

If you want to purchase online, you must have a My Lowe’s account. You can sign in or sign up on the top left corner. Online purchasing offers delivery methods of Store Pickup, Lowe’s Truck Delivery and Parcel Shipping. You will get free parcel shipping with orders at $49 or more.Some items are in-store only and may need your zip code to find out which store is available to meet your needs.

Lowe’s is also providing plan guide for customers. With over 12, 000 types of plants, you can find information you want by rolling over the green bar across the page. You will also find out some special topics like landscape gardens, cold hardiness zone map and my plant code.

Always remember to take Lowe’s survey which offers $5,000 Lowe’s gift card for lucky customer, that is the number you can afford for several home improvement plans.

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