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You must be fascinated by the action comedy of Masters of Spinjitzu based on the Lego toy series of the same name. Do you want to take adventure with Ninjias? Image yourself burning snakes, exploring the ultimate ruins, sliding into a world of ice, discovering tranquility in the forest and finding the hidden monastery…cool isn’t it? Now explore the world of Ninjago at www.ninjago.com (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the website directly).

LEGO Ninjas Instructions
Do you want to watch TV series of Ninjago’s final battle? Besides that, you can view a dozen of models and spinners. The Kai’s Fire Mech helps the ninjas to collect the 4 elemental blades and awaken the mythical golden mech and The Temple of Light. Sneak past Lord Garmadon and his minions to put the 4 elemental blades in place at the heart of the temple. Lloyd ZX is the legendary green Ninja, destined to win the great battle between good and evil and bring peace once again to the land of Ninjago. And Lizaru is armed with some cool weapons and is ready to enter battle against his sworn enemies the ninja warriors. You can customize your spinners as you like.

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