Enjoy Merrick Bank Online Statement in Go Paperless at merrickbank.com/paperless

Always cannot find the information you need on your Merrick Account paper statement? Always forget the place you put your paper statement and can’t find it when you want to check some number on the statement? No need to worry now, since Merrick offers an alternative way to avoid those annoying matters!

Benefits of Choosing Paperless Statement

  • More convenient to view. You can read all the information at any time and any where as long as you have a electronic device.
  • Quicker and simpler. Notification can be sent via email if you prefer once your statement is available to view.
  • Eco-friendly. Using less paper to protect the earth is the obligation of every one of us.
  • Safer. Information won’t be stolen or lost as what may happen in the process of paper delivering.

How to Get GoPaperless Statement Online

Visit the site merrickbank.com/paperless (Click the link in Reference Link at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly), and click the button “Get goPaperless” at the top of the page. You will be redirected to a new page where detailed instructions can be seen. Things you may need to pay attention to are that you can always print a paper statement as well if you want once you switch to paperless statement, and you can feel free to cancel the paperless statement service once you don’t need it. What are you waiting for? Just visit the site and start a new way to view your statement!

Reference Links

  1. Merrick Bank GoPaperless Homepage –merrickbank.com/paperless
  2. Merrick Bank GoPaperless FAQs – paperless.merrickbank.com/faqs.aspx
  3. Merrick Bank GoPaperless Sample Statement PDF