Easy Rebate Process in Staples Rebate Center at www.stapleseasyrebates.com

Are you ready to get your Staples rebate from the Rebate Center? Staples Rebate Center makes it easy and possible for you to submit a rebate, track your rebate status, check your rebate card balance, and find great rebated offers online. Visit www.stapleseasyrebates.com (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly )for all Staples rebates related subjects.

Staples Rebate Center Guide
No matter your Staples products were bought in a store or ordered from your home or office, no matter you want to submit an Easy rebate or a mail-in rebate, Staples Rebate Center enables you to process your rebate in a simplified way.
Rebate products that are eligible for online submission are easy rebates. If you prefer to mail in your rebate form for an Easy Rebate product, use the “Click Here ” link and print out the form.

Certain products which are not eligible for online submission are mail-in rebates. If you do not have a rebate form, you can print one out through the “Click Here” link. Within 4-6 weeks of submitting the rebate request, you will get your rebate either as a rebate Visa prepaid card or a check from Staples.

There is no limit on how many rebates you can submit at one time. After you have finished entering the first rebate, you will be asked whether you have additional rebate offers to submit.

To submit your rebate, first choose your Staples visit type. You will need the rebate offer number, easy Rebates ID number, or the order number to start the rebate process.

To track an Easy Rebate, you can track by your name or by tracking number. To track a mail-in rebate, you have the option to track by your name or zip code, by company name and zip code, or by tracking number.

If you are a Staples prepaid cardholder, you are able to check your rebate card balance and get prepaid tips and techniques in Staples Rebate Center.

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