Download the Fly Delta App at and Make Your Journey Convenient

The Fly Delta App is a tool for you to make your travel plans easily and keep them on track, which is available for both smartphones and iPad. Visit the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site) to find our more details and download the app directly.

About The Fly Delta App

For Fly Delta App for smartphones, practically it could do anything to make your travel easy. Before your trip, Fly Delta App would help you find and book flights, explore fare specials, view and plan your trips, update travel preferences and manage you wallet. When preparing to go, you are able to check flight status, domestic and international check-in, view flight details and path and get gate information with it. During your journey, the Fly Delta App enables you check the upgrade list, view airport maps, rebook cancelled flights or missed connections and more. For Fly Delta App for iPad, functions are mostly the same with that for smartphones, while functions like viewing in-flight entertainment are added. Apart from that, Delta Mobile Web is also a useful tool that efficiently handles your core travel needs.

How to Download The Fly Delta App

  1. Download for iPad. Visit and click “Download for iPad” in the right. Detailed description and download instruction are shown. You may open iTunes on your iPad to buy and download the App.
  2. Download for iPhone. It’s the same with the process of iPad. Just open iTunes to buy and download the App.
  3. Download for Android. Click the button “Download for Android” and you will be redirected to Google play. Click the green button “Install” and then follow the instructions.
  4. Download for Windows phone. You will be redirected to the Microsoft page and instruction shows you how to download it. Get the Fly Delta App from Store on your phone.

Reference Links

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