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Call of Duty: Advance Warfare is a military first-person shooter game published by Activision, and it was released on November 4, 2014. The game won the award for “Best Graphics – Technology” in IGN’s Best of 2014 awards and was regarded as a commercial success. So whether you have played Advance Warfare or not, it’s high time that you should try this extraordinary game on your device with an auxiliary app at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the target page).

Advanced Warfare Companion Using Instructions

After you download and install this app on your mobile device, you’ll have all the following features and functions, helping you experience a much more real and brutal battlefield.

  • Clan Wars

You’ll get the opportunity to join in the battle with your friends and fight against other clans with similar size and skill level, to control positions on the in-app Clan War maps. You can win in-game exclusive loot in Clan War, and the loot your clan possesses can be used for Clan Wars only.

  • The War Room

You can view upcoming wars and war history of your clan. The top contributor in Clan War will be also displayed here, as a way to promote you and others to strive for better achievements in the next battle.

  • Emblem Editor

In the stand-alone game, your emblem represents you or your clan. This app has a full emblem editor that allows you to create a custom Clan emblem or Personal emblem on your own, to make your wars more symbolic and meaningful.

  • Additional Features

You can chat with other clan members in Clan chat, edit Clan profile and Player profile by using this app.

All of these functions are easy to use and the app is even more easy to get, just open the website and download in accordance with your device type. If you have any further questions or meet with intractable problems, please visit the Call of Duty Support Center to find answers.

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