Download Samsung Kies to Sync with Your Devices at

Got a Samsung smartphone or tablet? With Samsung Kies, you don’t need to copy and paste your important files for backup or write down your contacts. You only need a USB cable, your device and Kies to do it all.  In a nutshell, Samsung Kies is like Sony’s PC Companion, Nokia PC Suite, or iTunes if you will.

Samsung Kies Instructions
Samsung Kies allows you to manage all content on your device, save them to free up your space so as to create more sweet memories. That’s why you and your device need Samsung Kies.

Download Samsung Kies at  (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site) to your Windows computer or Mac, launch the software, connect your phone or tablet to Kies via a USB cable, and you can

  • Back up & restore mobile phone data.
  • Sync contacts and schedule.
  • Save taken photos/videos.
  • Upgrade firmware.
  • Add new contacts.
  • Transfer contacts to new mobile phone.

Once your device is successfully connected, the basic information on your device will appear on Kies.

Click “Back up/Restore” on the main menu and select items listed to back up. Hit “Backup” at the top right to begin backup. When it finishes, click “Complete”.

  • On the left navigation, click “Restore data” to restore the previously backed up data to your device. Select the backup file and items to start restoration.

Click the “Sync” tab to sync your personal information and multimedia files. You can only sync contacts with Outlook.

  • Hit “Sync” at the top right. When it is completed, choose “Contacts” on the left navigation and check the synced contacts.

Click “Photos” on the left navigation and select the photos and videos on your device that you want to save to PC.

  • Hit the Save icon near the top left and choose a folder to save to. You can also use “Export” tab to save your content.

The firmware information is on the homepage when your device is connected.

  • Click ” Firmware upgrade” and check the box to confirm you have read the advisory information. Click “Start upgrade” and the firmware upgrade components and files will be downloaded.

You are allowed to add new contacts by clicking “Contacts” on the left navigation and selecting “+” near the top left. Enter the contact info and click on the tick. Then choose “Save to device” or “Save to PC” on top.

  • You can edit or delete a contact on your device. Select a contact to edit and save your changes to device, or check the contact and select the Delete icon near the top left.

When you transfer contacts to a new mobile phone, connect the new mobile phone and choose your old device on the left navigation. Select “Import/Export” on the main menu and click “Transfer to another device”. Select your target device for transfer and move to Contacts to Transfer to another device. Now check the transferred contacts on your new mobile phone.

  • You can also transfer S Planner, Message, and Photos. You can transfer multimedia files using drag and drop.

Certain Samsung devices support the Kies via Wi-Fi feature. That makes it easier to access the content on your devices. If you like to watching videos across multiple devices, try Samsung Link.

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