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Sitting in front of the TV and watching movies with your loved ones must be one of those sweet memories you treasure. But if you are looking for something thrilling and different, movie theaters can be a greater choice. The question is, which theater is the coolest to go? Depending on your preferences when watching movies at a theater, you may choose AMC, Cinerama, or Regal. So what you can do in advance when you go to a Regal theater?

Regal Website Instructions
When you decide to watch movies at a Regal theater, it is suggested that you find current and upcoming movies as well as tickets information and showtimes from its website before you go to the theater.

Go to (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site) and browse movies, explore theaters, get rewards and custom gift cards. In the text box, enter your city, state or zip plus the date to find out showtimes of all the movies shown at the Regal theaters in your area and buy tickets online. There is a 7-minute time limit when buying tickets. Make sure you complete your order before time runs out.

  1. Select how many tickets you want to buy for adult, senior or child.
  2. Click “Buy Tickets” and check out using your Fandango account or check out as a guest.
  3. Choose a payment method and enter your payment information. During this process, you have the option to join Fandango or complete your purchase directly.

Try clicking the tabs on the website to see a complete list of current and upcoming movies, find a nearby Regal theater for showtimes, parties, events and more, join Regal Crown Club for freebies and special offers, get custom gift cards, movie packs and group discounts.

On its homepage, you can find Regal promotions and sweepstakes and what’s now playing at the theaters. You just need to go and discover for yourself.

Reference Links

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