Design Your Own Birthday Party Invitation Template

To celebrate the anniversary of one’s birthday, people have different ways: having a big dinner with family, watching a movie with lovers, or going to a playground. But the most popular way is holding a birthday party. From little kids to adults, no matter you are an ordinary people or a movie star, the birthday party is always welcomed.

Under most circumstances, one needs to invite lots of relatives and friends to the birthday party. And sending an invitation card is the most formal way than merely making a phone call. Not to purchase one but to design your own invitation template for the birthday party can be very excited.

Design Your Own Birthday Party Invitation Template Guidance

If you are throwing a birthday party and want to send perfect invitations to friends, a beautiful invitation card is a must. Learn how to design your own birthday party invitation template here and make your party impressive and unforgettable.

  1. Open your Word and build a new  document. You can also log onto online websites to make a template according to the course, like
  2. Make the cover of your invitation template.
  3. Choose the background color. It’s better to choose a bright one, like red, for brightness creates happy atmosphere.
  4. Upload your favorite picture. The picture can be yourself or just a cartoon or scenery, as long as you like. Make sure the picture must be proper for a birthday party.
  5. Add “Birthday Party Invitation Card” four words at the top of the picture. The characters can be in a fancy style.
  6. Make the content of your invitation card. To whom you want to invite and the place and time of your birthday party should all be clear.
  7. Print it out and sign your name.

You have many ways to get a birthday invitation template: download one online or purchase one in-store. But design your own unique one is really meaningful. At, there are detailed guidance for you to design.

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