Compare Citi Credit Cards to Find the Best Fit for You at

Citi credit card provides industry-leading benefits, great services and rewards to customers. In order to satisfy the different needs of various lifestyles, Citi offers many kinds of credit cards with different balance transfer APR, purchase APR and rewards. Faced with these credit cards, sometimes you may feel difficult to choose the best one fits for you. Do not worry about it because the Citi credit card center allows you to make comparison among credit cards so that you may quick decide which card you should apply for.

How to Make Comparison Between Citi Credit Cards
Citi offers many credit cards, such as simplicity credit card, Advantage credit card, Thank You credit card, Dividend credit card, Diamond preferred credit card and more. To know the differences among these cards, you need to visit the Citi credit cards online center for assistance.

  • visit (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site).
  • You can learn the detailed information about each card by entering credit name, rewards, features, APR into the search box at the top of this page. The result will show you card information and you can apply for it online directly.
  • If you want to check all Citi credit cards, you can hit “View All Cards” button on the left side and view them one by one.
  • To make comparison, please hit “Compare Cards” button on the right side and you will notice that you can save up to 3 cards to compare.
  • Hit “Compare” button to continue.
  • Click on “ADD A CARD” button and a card list will be shown on the screen.
  • Browse the list and choose the one you are interested and want to compare. Once you have chosen one card, the top right corner of this card will turn orange.
  • Click on “COMPARE NOW” button to proceed.
  • The result will show you the differences between these cards in terms of balance transfer APR, purchase APR, rewards, annual fee, travel, savings and security. You can check and make comparison to find the best one fit you.

Apply for a new Citi credit card or log in to your account directly at You are highly suggested to read terms & conditions of each cards and compare before applying for it.

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