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Reading is said to be great virtue for people. Loss of great minds in history have stated the benefits of reading, in which Gorky once said: “books are ladders with which mankind can make progress.”  Although this is quiet true, digitized world does make reading a hard-to-get habit,  cause our children’s attention are more difficult to be transferred to and concentrated on books. BOOK IT!  is a project initiated by Pizza Hut. It aims to ignite children’s reading desire and get them more chances to read.  According to rules, kids will get rewarded with Pizza Hut gift card, Diary of Wimpy Kid Series (autographed by the author ) and BOOK IT! bag.  On the 15th anniversary, Pizza Hut gave a huge prize-$30,000 college plan to the winner of 2014-2015 BOOK IT! program. So far, children have read over 1 million minutes in this project started from June 22, 2005. If you haven’t heard of this program, then probably you should finish reading this article and visit (click the reference links at the bottom of this page to be directed to the official page). If you are both a bookworm and a fan of Pizza, then it’s a great time for you to win free pizza and books!

 Instructions to BOOK IT! Summer Reading

  • Time Duration: June 22- August 15.
  • Children need to read and log their minutes of reading though “Chatting now”
  • Whoever shares his/her daily reading experience will get daily rewards.
  • Children who have read five books by august 15 will get a chance to win big.
  • Big Prize: Summer Reading Challenge Sweepstakes: 1 grand champion, 24 all-stars.

Steps to Participate in BOOK IT! Summer Reading Program

  1. Read 5 books by August 15.
  2. Fill out an form containing: how many children are participating, which grade are they in, Emails, what they may read and the authors.
  3. Submit the form.

BOOK IT! 2015-2016 Enrollment

  • Time Duration: October 1st through March 31st.
  • Eligibility:  Children through the six grades of kindergarten. And it is only eligible for kindergarten registered for the program.
  • How it works in class: Teacher will set goals by minutes, pages or books  for students. Whoever achieve the goal will get a Reading Award Certificate for a free- on-topping personal pizza.
  • How it works in Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut will give pizza and a sticker to track 6 months reading behavior. Children will  frequently visit Pizza Hut  to get more free pizzas and stickers to add to their passport.
  • This project is only valid in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Reference Links

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  2. BOOK IT! Summer Program
  3. BOOK IT! Official Webpage
  4. BOOK IT! Reward Story