Click for Target Red Card Application, Activation, Management and Rewards

A fast-tempo and material society causes a chaotic life. If so, allow Target Red Card to complement your lifestyle. Paying bills, checking balances, viewing statements, tracking transactions and more are all in control. Besides, you can earn unlimited rewards all the time. So Target Red Card can make every day a red letter day.

Target Red Card Application, Activation, Management and Rewards Guide
Target Red Card without annual fees can largely enrich your life. From applying for it, activating it, managing it to saving more from its rewards finally, you will easily and surprisingly live better than before. Apart from paying your bills online and viewing your balances, statements as well as transactions 7/24, anywhere, you can also save unlimited amount of money with your Red Card.

How to apply for a  Target Red Card
There are totally three types of Red Card – Target Credit Card, Target Visa Credit Card and Target Debit Card. You are accessible to three ways to get your preferred one – online, in store and by mail.

  • Enter  (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) and click the button marked “Apply Now” to get started.
  • View the details and pick a card to apply for.
  • You have three ways to make it. If you would like to apply online, just hit “Apply Now”. Opening the “Find a Target Store” link, entering a city, state or zip code and choosing a store, you can also target your Target Card. And filling in a Target Card Application form is also an option worth considering.

How to activate your Target Red Card
When you obtain your Red Card, it can’t be directly used before activation. Come to Target Red Card center to have your card activated and start your Red Card exploration.

  1. Enter and click the button marked “REDCard” in the up-most navigation bar and select the second “Manage My REDCard”.
  2. Open the corresponding “Activate” link to activate your Visa credit card or debit card. Please note that the Target Credit Card doesn’t need to be activated.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the activation by inputting your personal and card details.

How to manage your card
To easily use your card and fully enjoy the services, you can’t find a better method than manage your card online. By creating an online account, you can access your card, pay your bills online, check balances and view paperless statements and transactions any time, anywhere. Additionally, your Target debit card can be linked to your checking account for requesting cash back when you shop in-store. If you have a Target credit card handy, it is rather easy to pay your phone bills, cable utilities and more.

  1. Visit, enter your card number and click the “CONTINUE” button to proceed.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the registration. You can get a unique username and password during the process.
  3. Next time, you can log in to directly access your card account by inputting your username and password.

How to benefit from Target Red Card rewards programs
With the Red Card, you can get 5% discount for every eligible purchase in the Target stores or online at Furthermore, you can enjoy free shipping for your items without minimum purchase required and 30 extra days for returns.

If you enroll in the Target Pharmacy Rewards, you will receive a rewards certificate for 5% off a day shopping in-store and a promotional code for 5% off an entire purchase online with five eligible prescriptions purchases.

Apart from daily savings and Target Pharmacy Rewards, you can also do charity work with Target for free. In the Take Charge of Education activity, Target will donate 1% of your Red Card purchases to the school you choose from your children’s elementary, middle or other K-12 ones.

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