Check Your Southwest Airlines Flight Status Online at

It happens to many that they don’t get any form of notification when their flights have been delayed or even worse cancelled. They arrive at the airport only to find out that they’ve been arranged to another flight or have to wait long hours for boarding information and therefore their original plan is disrupted. You don’t want that happen to you when you get an emergency to deal with or you do need to get to your destination on time. That’s why you’d better check your flight status from time to time so as to make sure you can take off on time.

Check Your Southwest Airlines Flight Status Guide
When you are flying with Southwest Airlines, you can check flight status and get flight updates at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to target page). Flight status information is only available for flights within the U.S. Visit the website and enter your flight information including your departure and arrival city or airport code, travel date, and your flight number to continue.

You can sign up for flight updates and reminders to your phone, e-mail or PDA. Click on the “flight updates” link in the sign-up image and sign up for ONE TIME flight status messaging.

  • Your flight information will be needed. Choose what kind of alerts you want to get by checking the circle in front of e-mail or text. Enter your email address or US phone number. When you choose to receive a text message, message and data rates may apply. Message delivery occurs in the same time zone as the arrival or departure for which you requested notification.
  • Set your alert schedule to remind you before your departure, starting from 1 hour before to 4 hours before.
  • Click “View or Edit Notification” tab to view, edit or turn off your flight status notification.

If your flight has been delayed or disrupted, you can change your reservation online or on your phone with no change fees. Find “Change Flight” under Quick Air Links on the left of Check Flight Status page. Enter your confirmation number, passenger first name and last name to change air reservation. Itineraries purchased through a partner airline (such as AirTran) cannot be changed on

You have the option to enroll in Rapid Rewards Program if you travel a lot with Southwest Airlines to earn reward flights and more.

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