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You do not need a disc to install Microsoft Office any more if you are planning to purchase Microsoft Office 2010. A Product Key Card is another way to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 with a new preloaded PC. All you need to do is clicking in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to activate your Office 2010 software.

Microsoft Office 2010 GetKey Online Activation Guide
For quick and easy installation of Microsoft Office 2010, you can purchase the Product Key Card from PC retailers. The card includes a 25-character Product Key only which contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote & Outlook. Product Keys are used to install, activate, reinstall, or repair your Office programs, and they are found in different locations depending on how you acquired Office 2010. If the Product Key is not inside the package, you need to retrieve it from There are several steps to get your key online and activate your Office 2010:

  1. Enter your 27-character PIN found inside your Product Key Card.
  2. Enter your e-mail.
  3. Receive your Product Key.
  4. Check to see if your your PC is preloaded with Office 2010 by clicking the Windows Start Menu and looking for “Office 2010” in “All programs”. You can download it at
  5. Click “Office 2010” and click “Activate” on the startup screen.
  6. Enter your 25-character Product Key.

Precautions during the Activation Process

  1. You can not use the PIN code you receive to activate Office 2010.
  2. You need to enter the PIN code online and receive Office Product Key to activate Office 2010.
  3. The 27 character alpha-numeric PIN is inside of your Product Key Card. It includes a Product Key designed to activate Office software on one preloaded PC.
  4. If your Product Key Card has already included a 25-character Product Key, you will not need to retrieve your Product Key online.
  5. The Windows Office 2010 Product Key Card license is for one installation on one PC only and the license cannot be transferred to another PC.

The process is easy and quick to finish. If you have any question or difficulties getting your Office 2010 Product Key online, please leave your comments, or you can visit  Office 2010 GetKey Online Activation FAQs  page for answers to Office Product Key Card.

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