Activate or Check Balance of Your AT&T Wireless Rebate Card at

The AT&T wireless rebate/promotion card has caught customers’ eyes and becomes prevalent. It can be used wherever Visa is accepted when you pay wireless bills or make purchases. Hence, activate it online with your card number right now to enjoy the benefits. Likewise, you can check the card balance with ease afterwards. Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to target page.

AT&T Wireless Rebate/Promotion Card Guide
Along with AT&T products & services you purchased or AT&T Refer-a-Friend program you participated, you can always get an AT&T promotion card as a rebate.

  • The card can be redeemed for merchandise at the AT&T Official Site or any AT&T store or used for paying AT&T bills. But you can’t redeem it for cash or use it for cash withdrawal at ATMs, or at automated gasoline pumps.
  • AT&T Promotion Cards are not transferable nor refundable.
  • The card will expire 5 months from the date located on the card.
  • AT&T Wireless Rebate Cards cannot be reissued or reactivated once it becomes expired.
  • If your AT&T Wireless Rebate Card is lost or stolen, contact Rebate Processing Center for help immediately.

To learn more details about AT&T rewards, visit AT&T Reward Center.

AT&T Wireless Rebate Submissions
To get the promotion card, you need to submit your rebate at first.

  1. Get a rebate form via your email or postal mail. Print it out and fill in your details including the 10-digit AT&T wireless number and 15-digit IMEI number.
  2. Get ready a copy of your sales receipt or order confirmation sheet with clearly visible purchase date, rebate device and price paid.
  3. Get Ready the entire original IMEI/proof-of-purchase label found on the actual device box. Or you can submit a picture of your phone’s IMEI number beneath your phone’s battery.
  4. After submissions, you have a chance to view the status of your card at

Please review your rebate form carefully and make sure you have satisfied the demands as listed for your particular offer. And remember to keep copies of your submission as your reference. Need additional help, resort to the FAQ or call 800-331-0500.

How to Activate or Check Balance of Your AT&T Wireless Rebate/Promotion Card
After submitting your rebate and receiving the rebate card via your mail, you are supposed to activate it online for use.

  1. Pay a visit to to get started.
  2. Type the first 10 digits of your card number found on the front of your AT&T Promotion Card and click the button marked “Continue”.
  3. Follow the prompts to finish the whole process.

Additionally, you can also easily check the card balance in this way.

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