Access Kroger Associates Online Extranet to Perform Job Related Duties at

Authorized Kroger employees and contractors are allowed to access Kroger Instant Virtual Extranet for the purpose of performing necessary job related duties and transactions. The system is monitored by the company and users can use the software on home PC. You must use the supported operating systems and the proper versions of IE so as to get assistance from the Kroger Support Center.

Kroger Instant Virtual Extranet Instructions
To access the Kroger’s Instant Virtual Extranet,

  1. Go to (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site) and click the “Terms” button to view the corporate information security warning.
  2. Sign in with your userID and password.
  3. Select your Profile from Enterprise, KrogerSSLVPN, TwoFactor, Vendor and Vendor-IPsec. Click “Sign In”.

If you run into login issues, navigate to Start – Programs – Juniper Networks – Host Checker – Uninstall Host Check. If that doesn’t work, open a trouble ticket.

Each time you launch the extranet a temporary application will be loaded on your home computer. The temporary application is deleted when you properly log out.

The website does not support printing. If the system needs upgrading, follow the installation prompts and accept the installation of new client software.

Reference Links

  1. Kroger’s Instant Virtual Extranet Website –
  2. Kroger Official Website –
  3. Kroger on Facebook-