Access Giant Food Stores Secure Web Application at

Although it’s Giant Food Stores that plays the major role in the topic here, all Ahold associates and authorized users are able to access the web application and the information related to this system which is for legitimate Ahold business purposes and is subject to audit.

Secure Web Application Login Guide

To log onto (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site), enter your User ID and Password and click “Login”.

If you account is locked or you forget your User ID and/or Password, click “User ID and Password Assistance” below “Login” and see what help may be available to you. Assistance is provided to Ahold USA associates, Ahold EU associates, all other associates, AFS supplier portal users, Metrix supplier portal users, Spin supplier portal users, and Union supplier portal users, plus users in Giant-Carlisle / Martins, Stop and Shop / Giant Landover, Peapod, US Foodservice, AIS, PPO, ASC, MAC Risk Management, and Braintree Sourcing.

Giant Food Stores users can get their User ID in two easy steps. Click the appropriate link under Ahold USA associates and enter your Social Security Number, date of birth as well as last name including suffix, and then review your information and click “Submit”.

Please be noted that your account will be locked after 3 invalid login attempts. To keep sensitive information secure, please log out all applications completely and close all windows before leaving the computer.

Reference Links

  1. Ahold Secure Web Application Signon –
  2. Giant Food Stores Official Website –
  3. Ahold Official Website –