5 Tips to Create an Effective Customer Survey

A survey is a questionnaire that a person, organization or company can use to collect opinions from others. And a customer survey is mainly used by a company to know how satisfied the guests are about it’s online or in-store service and products. In recent years, customer surveys are an important tool for business owners to get improvement. In other words, it contributes a lot to the competitiveness of companies.

Nowadays, various kinds of customer surveys can be found online. Brand owners want to hear from their customers. Then they can do better to improve the service and products, according to the satisfaction rate through the surveys.

Create an Effective Customer Survey Instructions

It is not an easy task to create a customer survey, especially an attractive and effective one. If the survey questionnaire is too boring and totally make no sense, the feedback must be bad, for guests won’s take it seriously. If the survey is well-organized and focusing, the participants can also be well-performed. Therefore, to gain some tactics for creating an effective customer survey is of great significance. Here are 5 tips which will be very useful to you.

  • Focus only on your goal. Before making a customer survey, you should clearly know your goal. Is the survey held to collect general feedback, or feedback towards a specific location of your business? Is it supposed to get customers’ opinions merely about store service and/or products quality? You should think over these questions to make your customer survey more focused.
  • Limit the access permission. To hold the customer survey, you aim at collecting useful feedback. If the survey is open to everyone without any restriction, the survey results may be not that precise.
  • Moderate question numbers. The survey time is better between 3-7 minutes. Too short, the survey can not be helpful to a company. Too long, the survey takers would feel tired and even agitated.
  • Survey Bonus. To Thank the customers for spending time to take the survey, the business owner should reward the participants with a bonus prize. The prize can be a free stuff, like a validation code or a coupon to redeem an offer, or even a sweepstakes to win some grand prizes, like cash or gift cards. The survey prize will attract and motivate more customers to join the survey.
  • Do not ask for too private personal information. To contact prize winners or survey takers later, most companies ask participants to leave personal information during the survey process. If required very private personal information, the participants would feel infringed. Basic information, such as email address, name, phone number will be enough.

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